Total Molding Services, Inc. can provide you with all of your tooling needs. After the product's design requirements are satisfied, you are going to need the tools to consistently produce your product. Precision jigs and fixtures are the essential foundation to the secondary operations process. This tooling is designed and constructed by our experienced staff. They know how important quality and repeatability is to our customers and the manufacturing process.

High volume parts demand the most effective production process available. The answer to this need is semi or fully automated machinery that can deliver accelerated production at higher operator efficiency, lower per-part cost, and high quality output. You can't buy machinery right off of the shelf to make your product, but T.M.S. Inc. can build this custom automated equipment to meet your unique needs.

Since plastic injection molded parts are often at the center of your production needs, mold construction is a critical decision point when choosing someone to fill your manufacturing needs. T.M.S. Inc. combines nearly 60 years of mold construction experience with state-of-the-art processes and equipment. Our master toolmakers provide an effective combination between Old World quality and modern methods.

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