At Total Molding Services, Inc. we believe in informing and educating our customers and finding the best solutions to suit their manufacturing needs. Too often, custom manufacturers overlook viable solutions because they either do not have the inclination or the ability to provide these services to their customers. The design and construction of automated machinery is one of those services that is often ignored by other companies, but not at T.M.S. Inc.

We have put considerable time and effort into developing our automated machinery services and capabilities. This service has become one of the premier solutions that T.M.S. Inc. has to offer its customers. It has provided many of our customers with the only solution that would make their product cost effective enough to manufacture. Let's not forget that automation is not simply limited to high volume manufacturing. Many times automation provides the only solution to precision and repeatability when manufacturing a component or device.

Too often automation is thought of as costly and complex. The truth is more often than not, automation is used to improve the most simple and inexpensive applications. Here are examples of how T.M.S. Inc. can use automation to your advantage:

Point of Manufacture Automation
- Automated fixtures and tools which are used in conjunction with the production of the component or device. Simple tools which are used to assemble the product or device quickly, precisely, and all in one step.

Quality Automation - Optical sensors, cameras, detection devices and simple mechanical devices which are employed during manufacture and inspection to provide the highest level of monitoring and control over the manufacturing process.

Process Automation - Very often you simply need a machine that will perform a single set of functions at a high level of repeatability and precision. This form of automation is equally effective for Low Volume and High Volume production.

Multi-Process Automation - This is the same as Process Automation but involves many sets of processes all incorporated into one machine. Although these machines can be complex, T.M.S. Inc. designs these machines with one thought in mind, "Simple is Effective".

High Output Automation - To put it simply, SPEED! But not by sacrificing quality and precision. High output automated machinery is designed to get your product to market quickly and cost effectively.

The important thing to remember is that automation can be a simple solution to a complex problem. If it is designed properly and implemented correctly it is a cost effective and reliable solution. T.M.S. Inc. can skillfully help you incorporate automation into your "Total Project Solution".

We've saved the best for last in this section. Mold making has long been the cornerstone of our services at Total Molding Services, Inc. Let us show you how our knowledge, skill and experience make us a leader in the mold making industry. Visit the next section on your "Virtual Tour" by using the navigation buttons below. Feel free to browse other sections you want to explore by clicking on the navigation buttons at the top and left of this page.


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