The design and construction of a mold is a critical part of manufacturing injection-molded parts. Poor design and construction can be a disaster for your product. Some of these problems can include costly, time-consuming breakdowns; problems with fit, form, and function; and worst of all an all-together failure of your product. Total Molding Services, Inc. has the skill and experience to prevent these problems before they arise. We accomplish this by designing and constructing precision molds that consistently produce high quality product with a minimum amount of downtime.

The key to our outstanding mold making service is that our master mold makers have not forgotten that technology cannot replace the skill of a craftsman. When we construct a mold we employ the latest methods and utilize state-of-the-art technology.

However, your molds become much more than that by the time they are completed. Your molds become the culmination of nearly 60 years of master molding craftsmanship and experience. They are built to withstand the rigors of long-term production and are designed to perform consistently year after year. All this quality and precision is then backed up by the T.M.S. Inc. in-house warranty and maintenance program that protects your mold over its production life.

From simple to complex T.M.S. Inc. can handle your mold construction needs. We employ quick change H-frame technology to simplify and streamline your mold construction as well as free standing frames of all types and configurations. In addition we pride ourselves in our ability to handle the tough jobs, molds like these:

  • multi-cavity hot runner and hot tipped molds
  • single and multiple hydraulic core pull molds
  • slide cam molds
  • insert molds
  • gear driven and screw extract molds

There are many more unique molding challenges that T.M.S. Inc. has met over the years. Even simple molds require ingenuity and skill to bring them to you at the best price and highest quality. We are ready to meet your challenge right now, as we have done for so many of our satisfied customers.


Once your molds are constructed it is time to begin the production process. This is the part that all of your hard work and energy has culminated in. T.M.S. Inc. has helped to bring you to this point and we certainly wouldn't let you down now. So move on to the next section on your "Virtual Tour" by using the navigation buttons below. When you get there you will see how T.M.S. Inc. manufactures your product quickly and efficiently with the highest regard to quality and detail. Feel free to browse other sections you want to explore by clicking on the navigation buttons at the top and left of this page.


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