A simple definition of Contract Manufacturing would be as follows; "An organization capable of manufacturing and/or purchasing all the components needed to produce a finished product or device. A product or device which is then ready for sale to the end consumer." This is exactly what Total Molding Services, Inc. does for you. In fact that is the very basis of our "Total Project Solution" Philosophy. We integrate all your needs into one package, and here is how we accomplish the task.

The first step is to identify and purchase common components which are required to produce your product or device. Two methods can be used to accomplish this. We can use components supplied by our customer or we can purchase them for you. By having our purchasing department procure components, we can use our buying power and experience to get the best pricing and lead times. This method can save you time and reduce your inventory costs.

The second step is to bring to bear the full strength of our in-house integrated services and capabilities. These services include the following:

  • Metal stamping

  • Automatic Screw machined components

  • Silk screening, pad printing, hot stamping, RF coating, and paint filling

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Complete product assembly or sub-assembly, both electrical and mechanical

  • All forms of value-added secondary operations including drilling, tapping, insertion, machining, bonding, plastic welding and more.
In addition, T.M.S. Inc. is willing to add new capabilities to our facilities to meet the expanding needs of our customers.

Let's take a moment to talk about our facilities. Our modern and meticulously maintained facilities give us the capability to manufacture your product in a wide range of environments. From simple hand assembly areas to integrated manufacturing cells T.M.S. Inc. has the facilities to meet your requirements. Total Molding Services, Inc. has complete medical clean room capabilities that encompass all phases of manufacturing from injection molding to final packaging.

We bring all of these services together in a comprehensive package that allows us to manufacture your product from start to finish. Whether your contract manufacturing needs are simple or complex Total Molding Services, Inc. will find the solution.

That only leaves one final production issue that we haven't yet mentioned. That issue is the packaging and shipping of your product. Too often manufacturers ignore this part of the process and problems inevitably result. Please continue your "Virtual Tour" by using the navigation buttons below. In the next section you will learn how T.M.S. Inc. will "Close the Loop" by meeting your Packaging and Shipping requirements. Feel free to browse other sections you want to explore by clicking on the navigation buttons at the top and left of this page.


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