When you bring your product to T.M.S. Inc. we provide you with an extensive range of molding options. With shot sizes ranging from 1 gram to 95 ounces we have the equipment available to meet your every molding need. Our systems and capabilities include hot runner molds, single and multiple core pulls, insert molding, and many more unique molding specialties. We also have all the basic tools to serve your needs, high temperature oil, water and electric mold heaters. Automated material handing, and self-calibrating -40 dew point material dryers. In addition, we also provide specialty-molding services including clean room injection molding and digital video mold-process monitoring for high precision molding applications.

Our customers have also benefited from our wide range of experience with plastic resins. T.M.S. Inc. prides itself in managing jobs that other manufacturers can not. Very often this means using material and resins that many molders simply do not have the experience to use. At T.M.S. Inc. we regularly mold high-grade engineering materials in addition to all the more common materials in various grades and alloys. These materials include the following:

Liquid Crystal Polymers, Polyester, SAN, Polysulphone, ABS, Nylon, Acetal Copolymers, PVC, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and many more materials of different types and grades which are too numerous to mention.
When it's time to mold your product we start with the first-piece production sample. If your mold is a new tool or an existing tool, Total Molding Services, Inc. conducts a first-piece inspection to establish a baseline for your product. Once this baseline is established we can monitor the quality and ensure consistent production of your product or device. Once manufacturing has begun we produce and monitor your product in a clean and controlled environment which you will find to be unrivaled in this industry. Call us to schedule a visit to our molding facility and you will see what sets our molding services apart from all the rest.

Now that your product has been molded, you may need additional assistance with secondary operations and assembly. Continue your "Virtual Tour" by using the navigation buttons below to proceed to the Contract Manufacturing section. Here you will learn how T.M.S. Inc. blends all your contract manufacturing needs into the production process. Feel free to browse other sections you want to explore by clicking on the navigation buttons at the top and left of this page.


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