Your product or device has been manufactured, and all the effort and planning has produced a product that you can be proud of. So how do you get it from the manufacturer to your customer? Don't panic! Your product or device is safe with us, we can help you package and ship it safely and profesionally. There are two basic methods that our customers typically employ. First is bulk shipment or delivery via our truck to your facility for further processing. Second is to have T.M.S. Inc. final package and ship your product or device directly to the individual end customer. Either way you choose T.M.S. Inc. is ready to help you.

This first method, shipment to the customer for handling or processing, can be a tricky process. If your product or device isn't handling correctly it can result in damage and loss of revenue. To prevent this T.M.S. Inc. reviews your individual packaging and shipping needs and provides the best solution possible. We understand that poor shipping practices can undermine even the best production efforts. That is why we include our packaging and shipping methods as part of Quality Assurance documentation. Whether we ship your product to you bulk, individually wrapped, or in specialized custom packaging, our Quality assurance documentation ensures that you get the correct parts, undamaged, and on time.

We can also handle the entire process for you, right to the end-consumer. Total Molding Service, Inc. regularly handles many of our customers' end-consumer shipping needs. Orders are placed directly with us and we handle shipment, tracking, and confirmation of shipment. We can even help you with your invoicing, billing, and accounting. We employ all the latest technologies to help you get your product to your customer safely and efficiently.

Packaging your product means more than simply setting your product in a box with some bubble wrap. We can provide you with every sort of packaging you can imagine.
  • End-consumer display packaging

  • Thermoformed packaging

  • Specialized packaging trays, cartons, and containers

  • Sealed Biomedical packaging and other medical clean room packaging methods
If your packaging and shipping requirements are somehow unusual or fall outside any of the methods we've named above, we can help. Specialty packaging and custom shipping methods are all part of our "Total Project Solution".

We also have the facilities to support your shipping needs. Based on your requirements we will keep a minimum stock level of your product so that you can respond to your customers quickly. This way you will never have to miss a delivery because you didn't have the product on hand.

Here at T.M.S. Inc. everyone agrees that there is one thing that binds our company together, that is our commitment to quality and on time delivery. Every employee at Total Molding Services, Inc. takes an active hand in making sure the product or device we produce meets your requirements. Use the navigation buttons below to visit the next stop on your "Virtual Tour", our Quality Assurance section. Feel free to browse other sections you want to explore by clicking on the navigation buttons at the top and left of this page.


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