QUALITY (kwol'e-te) n. 1, Degree of Excellence
2, distinction; value; caliber; worth

At Total Molding Services, Inc. we are committed to the quality of our work and your product or device. Using quality guidelines such as ANSI/ASQ standards, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 591-1, ISO 594-2, and FDA CFR 21, Part 820, we are focused on achieving a high degree of excellence. From first article to final inspection, our mission to provide products that consistently meet the requirements of our customers is evident.


Our Quality Assurance Program starts with customer approved samples. From these samples, our quality control team develops an Acceptance Test Procedure that is used to monitor the quality of your product. At the start of each production run, a Pre-Production Part Approval test is performed. Once the ATP level of quality is achieved, the product is monitored around the clock by inspection teams and records are kept of the monitoring process. Certificates of Compliance are provided when required.

Finally we use measuring equipment that is calibrated to national standards. Records and schedules are rigorously maintained to assure that all quality control equipment is accurate and ready to use. The staff at T.M.S. Inc. believes that the quality of your product or device is affected by the quality of the tools and machines used in the manufacturing process. That is why all molds used to produce plastic injection molded parts are held to a stringent maintenance schedule and are meticulously prepared for storage until the next production run. Even jigs, fixtures, automated equipment, and injection molding machines are maintained on a strict schedule.

Quality Assurance is a way of life at T.M.S. Inc. Every staff member knows that his or her job, and the decisions they make, directly affects the quality of the product or device. Whether they work in the Maintenance Department or the Administrative Office, paying attention to detail produces quality products and devices that lead to our customer's ultimate success.

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